Month: September 2017

Color, Emotion, and Mis-Identification

Color evokes emotion.   Warm, bright colors evoke energy.   Cool, clear colors evoke intensity.  Cool, muted colors are sensible, and warm, muted colors are comforting. One of my greatest challenges as an image consultant is explaining to my clients that yes, you can wear the colors that look best on you and still evoke the emotional response that’s so important to you – … Read More Color, Emotion, and Mis-Identification

Color-coordinated closet

There are substantial advantages to a color-coordinated closet.  One of the foremost of those advantages is the ease of putting together outfits, and mixing and matching the items in your closet. I set out the following outfit last night: Teal gypsy skirt Oatmeal cold-shoulder top Brown heeled sandals, brown belt Leather bracer w/turquoise emblem, teal/gold earrings, gold chain Peacock feather hair ornament Turquoise, navy, … Read More Color-coordinated closet