Month: August 2017

The Great Cold-Shoulder Top Debate

Cold shoulder tops and slit sleeves are all the rage right now.  In fact, I went shopping for basic ivory t-shirts and they were nearly all I could find. When they first came out, it was like a breath of fresh air after endless sleeveless looks.   And the first tops I found were quite flattering.  But then I started hearing from other women … Read More The Great Cold-Shoulder Top Debate

Elements of Style: Balance

One of the principles of design in any artistic venue is balance.   The two types of balance are called formal and informal.  The difference?  Whether the “weight” of the picture is balanced evenly across the image, with a matching motif on each side, or informal balance, where a lot of “weight” on one side is balanced by a small but crucial element on … Read More Elements of Style: Balance

Toppers make the outfit

What’s a topper?  A topper is any top layer – the item you wear over your shirt/dress, whether that be a blazer, a cardigan… or something a little wilder.  A topper sets the mood of your outfit, all the more if you’re working with basic, foundational pieces.   I like a creative/feminine/crunchy vibe and I picked up two really fun toppers this summer that … Read More Toppers make the outfit