Pantone Color Predictions: Fall 2017

To credit the source, first … https://www.pantone.com/fashion-color-report-fall-2017

A rule of thumb for seasonal shopping is that you are most likely to find your best colors during your season.  If you’re planning to do some serious investment shopping and have time to hold off – hold that shopping until your season rolls ’round, you’ll have the most choices in RTW.  There are always a few exceptions.

We have a curveball this year – Pantone came out with color predictions for both NYC and London!  First, let’s tackle NYC, as we’re most likely to find this in the stores coming up.

This year brings us quite a few colors that bridge the difference between Summer and Fall.   pantone-color-swatches-palette-fashion-color-report-fall-2017-new-york


Grenadine is an interesting choice for a fall palette – in this particular shade, it’s an orangish-red, but in most other interpretations, it’s coral.  Autumns and Springs will be advised to take a look at how this color has been interpreted – the slightest shadings either way will make it suited for one season or the other, but never both.  This is the time to have your swatches in your hands, ladies.  When this color is worn by the right woman, it is smashingly flattering – don’t be put off by the brightness.

Tawny Port, Autumn Maple, and Shaded Spruce are so autumnal as to be expected – these are classic Fall shades.  Golden Lime shouldn’t be worn by anyone other than an Autumn, preferably as an accessory.

Neutral Grey, Ballet Slipper and Marina are surprising shades to find in an autumn palette.  These are holdovers from the lighter, colder, summer shades – and are worn best by Summers.  (The grey might also be worn by Autumns, but it is too muted to work well on Winters).

Butterum is one of those odd, in-between colors – it makes a smashing neutral for Springs  (away from the face) and a good blouse color for softer Autumns.   It’s a soft, feminine but natural color – if you can wear it, you can make it do quite a lot of work.  I can see this in a tweed… mixing it with ivory and it becomes Spring, mixing it with a darker brown and it becomes definitively Autumnal.

All the seasons can share Navy Peony – bright navy is wearable by nearly everyone, it’s one of the few universally flattering colors.  Shaded Spruce isn’t quite universally flattering – but it should work on some women from every season except Spring.  (It’s too dark for a Spring color).  Hold it up to your face and be brutally honest – does it work?

Now let’s go on to the colors from London:


The first thing one notices is that the colors are generally softer and clearer than the colors from NYC.

Navy Peony appears again, and Primrose Pink and Toast are close enough to Ballet Slipper and Butterum not to merit further discussion.

Autumns in London are given a much firmer grip on their colors – Otter, Copper Tan, Lemon Curry, and Golden Olive are definitively Autumn colors – no one else need try to wear them.

However, the Summers are given Blue Bell and Royal Lilac to play with.  Really great purples come around seldom – I’d like to see more Summer ladies play with Lilac… any takers out there?

Flame Scarlet is a pure, clear, red – and thus it’s wearable by three seasons:  Spring, Winter, and Summer – always assuming the fabric and tint suit you.  Grab your swatches, get some sunlight on the color (and your face) and go forth!  (I will be hoping that it appears in lipstick shades, there’s no better red for yours truly).

This looks like a good year for bright navy, which isn’t always the easiest shade of navy to find, so that’s what I’d keep my eyes open for in investment purchases.  Of course each store has its own interpretation of these colors… keep your eyes open!

Happy Shopping!


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