Month: July 2017

Pantone Color Predictions: Fall 2017

To credit the source, first … A rule of thumb for seasonal shopping is that you are most likely to find your best colors during your season.  If you’re planning to do some serious investment shopping and have time to hold off – hold that shopping until your season rolls ’round, you’ll have the most choices in RTW.  There are always a few exceptions. … Read More Pantone Color Predictions: Fall 2017

What you wear is communicating…

We are visual creatures, we take in visual information more quickly and trust it more profoundly than anything else.    

Smart Clothing Choices are Green Clothing Choices

  One of the things we have lost in the last couple of decades of fast-fashion and increasing clothing consumption is the concept that well-made clothing, carefully-chosen clothing, a curated wardrobe, carefully taken care of – is good for the environment.   And your pocketbook.  And your sanity. I think we all could use a bit of help encouraging us to spend a bit … Read More Smart Clothing Choices are Green Clothing Choices