Month: April 2017

Recreating Outfits from Pinterest

One of the reasons that every modern stylist will recommend you use Pinterest to set up image boards is because those images will gradually sink into your brain… and you’ll be able to recreate them.  One of my biggest fashion-designer-icons is Ralph Lauren, and this look certainly references his work.   I recently picked up a white linen blouse with an open neck.  I … Read More Recreating Outfits from Pinterest

To Thine Own Self Be True

If you want to pursue Beauty, you have to pursue Truth. You don’t have to make yourself something that you are not.  You have to be brave enough to show the world what you are. I like to wear flowers in my hair.   I like Spring.  On Easter, I go all out… For services last night I wound red geraniums in my hair … Read More To Thine Own Self Be True

Scarcity Mentality vs. Capsule Wardrobe

How do you differentiate between having a scarcity mentality and having a capsule wardrobe? The advice in most traditional books about style (including my own) is to start with a few good, classic pieces and then build.  You can create quite a lot of looks with a solid set of quality basics and a handful of well-chosen accessories. You’re not meant to stop there. … Read More Scarcity Mentality vs. Capsule Wardrobe