Month: March 2017

Pursuing Beauty: In Honesty

The month coming up will have to be another opportunity to pursue beauty in movement… because I found something out this month.  The body is the shell of the snail, it is inextricably woven with the state of the soul. This month I was stressed and tired and besieged, and actively did not want to stretch anything or move.  That was my truth… truth isn’t … Read More Pursuing Beauty: In Honesty

Translucent: Wearing Your Mood

Beauty isn’t always about pursuing the most powerful statement, sometimes beauty is in revealing the truth of where you are… Right now I’m feeling pretty tired, pretty translucent… but, as a Spring, translucent colors suit me.   I can glean the beauty even through exhaustion, if I’ll let myself be a window rather than pushing away what’s going on inside. You’ll note that I’m … Read More Translucent: Wearing Your Mood