Zyla Analysis: Eyes

I think that the work that David Zyla has done with narrowing down your best colors from your season to your shortlist of fantastic shades is amazing.  I’d like to show you a little of what this looks like and discuss how I’ve changed things up a bit.


My best colors are in the turquoise and jade green families, which should surprise no one.  According to Zyla, my “first base” (version of black) should be the ring around my iris.  Not that ocean isn’t a great color on me, but it’s not the most basic color in the world.  I prefer to go with the *impression* that my eyes give you from afar, which is aqua surrounded by bright navy, and I use the navy as my base color (along with ivory – which you can see touches of in my eye).

I do use pretty much all the mid-range aquas as my energy color, and the soft blueish greens as my relaxation color.

These are the colors that work best on me, from my personal pinterest page:


If you want a color analysis, contact me… and feel free to rummage around on my personal pinterest to see the ones I’ve created in the past, for former clients and friends.

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