Month: February 2017

Zyla Analysis: Eyes

I think that the work that David Zyla has done with narrowing down your best colors from your season to your shortlist of fantastic shades is amazing.  I’d like to show you a little of what this looks like and discuss how I’ve changed things up a bit. My best colors are in the turquoise and jade green families, which should surprise no one. … Read More Zyla Analysis: Eyes

Pursuing Beauty: In Action

Bodies exist in motion, not in static photos.  Therefore, to be Beautiful, one must pursue beautiful motion. This is something I find challenging – I prefer brisk movements. Task this month:  Pursue flexibility, take time to dance in the evenings, remind myself to move gracefully as often as I think of it, remind myself to stand straight and move with fluidity.

Living works of art

The courage to be a living work of art is the courage to allow yourself to be beautiful.  To allow yourself to be truthful.  It is the courage to allow yourself to be fully, authentically, whom you were created to be. Beauty is truth.  Beauty is a window to the transcendent.  Beauty is not for the weak of heart! We all want to be … Read More Living works of art

Beauty is a window to the Transcendent

We all crave Beauty.  And our lives saturate us in faux-beauty.  It’s like feeding a starving man a stack of Pringles instead of an honest potato.   It’s gotten so that we conflate one with the other.  And yet.  And yet.  Beauty, because of its ability to show us transcendence, cannot truly be counterfeited. We hunger for that touch of the wild, the touch of … Read More Beauty is a window to the Transcendent