Sample Outfits: Networking Event

I met up with some local businesswomen yesterday for a networking event with NAPW.  I was privileged to have a few minutes to speak, and took some questions afterwards.

There were two ladies with whom I spoke and gave quick color/style ideas to, and I spent a pleasant half-hour this morning on polyvore picking out sample outfits.  This is how style works with your raw materials and your goals…



The first lady is a pale blonde.  Her season is Summer.  She runs a college-planning business.  So, what do you want to convey to your clients and potential clients as a college-planning professional?  TRUST!  You also want to have the aura of financial success.  You don’t have to be as stuffy as a traditional financier, but you do need to bring your Earth* vibe out.   Conversation with her was vivacious, and bold accessories bring out her “remember me” Fire – and some personality.



The second lady is a high-contrast sample-1brunette.  Her season is Autumn.  She’s an internet marketing specialist.  Anytime you hear the word “marketing” in the business world, you should turn Fire* up.  It’s all about the pop, all about the sale.    She was on her A game as a presenter – I would love to see her wear a lot more color, and command attention as she walks into the room.  She deserves to!




Style is not – is NEVER – a one-sized fits all endeavor.   We should all look utterly like ourselves, convey our mission with every part of ourselves, and inhabit the women that we are, inside and out.

I had a great time yesterday, and look forward to more speaking opportunities in the future.  If you’d like me to speak for your organization, and you’re in the San Diego area, drop me a line!



*If you’d like a more detailed discussion about the elements, check out my e-book!  You can get it on any platform, where-ever e-books are sold.

Visual discussion here:  https://hearthrose.com/elements/

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