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I’ve always been skeptical of online bra shopping – considering how much work I do in real dressing rooms to find a well-fitting bra, I don’t expect to find anything good online.  The whole, “mail it back if it doesn’t work” business doesn’t appeal to me.  (I’m not sure why, it’s less of a pain than driving to my nearest high-end lingerie shop).

I saw the ads for ThirdLove and on a whim decided to give it a whirl.  Followed the instructions, and yes – the bra I got fits very nicely, and is very comfortable.  It’s a great everyday, t-shirt bra.   I will probably get at least one more – comfort and invisibility rule.

But the serious uplift I’m used to from what my husband refers to as the British Battle Bras wasn’t quite there.   And it’s *so* soft, and *so* comfy… it feels properly broken in.  So I’m not sure how long it’s going to last.  It was $68… I want it to last.  (Of course the BBBs aren’t nearly as comfy).

I’m not quite sure why we’re dividing up into comfy bras and gorgeous bras again – can’t we do both?  I don’t understand the push for hot pink and green lingerie, at least not as the norm.  People who are buying these must live in much colder climates than mine – most of my clothing has at least some translucency to it.

I’m not normally a reviewer-of-items, but in this case I wanted to let you know that the bra in question is *just* as comfy as the ads say it is.  (Full coverage t-shirt bra, with the padded straps).

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