Sample Outfits: Networking Event

I met up with some local businesswomen yesterday for a networking event with NAPW.  I was privileged to have a few minutes to speak, and took some questions afterwards.

There were two ladies with whom I spoke and gave quick color/style ideas to, and I spent a pleasant half-hour this morning on polyvore picking out sample outfits.  This is how style works with your raw materials and your goals…



The first lady is a pale blonde.  Her season is Summer.  She runs a college-planning business.  So, what do you want to convey to your clients and potential clients as a college-planning professional?  TRUST!  You also want to have the aura of financial success.  You don’t have to be as stuffy as a traditional financier, but you do need to bring your Earth* vibe out.   Conversation with her was vivacious, and bold accessories bring out her “remember me” Fire – and some personality.



The second lady is a high-contrast sample-1brunette.  Her season is Autumn.  She’s an internet marketing specialist.  Anytime you hear the word “marketing” in the business world, you should turn Fire* up.  It’s all about the pop, all about the sale.    She was on her A game as a presenter – I would love to see her wear a lot more color, and command attention as she walks into the room.  She deserves to!




Style is not – is NEVER – a one-sized fits all endeavor.   We should all look utterly like ourselves, convey our mission with every part of ourselves, and inhabit the women that we are, inside and out.

I had a great time yesterday, and look forward to more speaking opportunities in the future.  If you’d like me to speak for your organization, and you’re in the San Diego area, drop me a line!



*If you’d like a more detailed discussion about the elements, check out my e-book!  You can get it on any platform, where-ever e-books are sold.

Visual discussion here:  https://hearthrose.com/elements/


Five Things

Hat tip:  Lauren Messiah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eFCfsPBvHpI

What five things do you want to convey through your personal presentation?

Are you conveying those things, or something else?

It’s an excellent exercise – writing down those five words.   And the second part of that exercise – being honest about, “am I conveying this?”

I know that my daily life doesn’t require me to dress up and get as creative (my #2 word) as I ought to in order to build my business… so I’m going to commit to changing that.  I’ll be doing selfies on instagram with my outfits (gulp) and I invite you to join me.  Tag me if you do!


My concepts…



Beautiful (not “she’s beautiful” but abstract Beauty)





Could your clothing be toxic?

I belong to the American Sewing Guild, and enjoy my time at meetings.  Today I was speaking to a college instructor who was talking about a class she’d taken on modern textiles – from which she returned horrified.  Apparently many modern textiles are actively bad for us.

I knew that fast fashion contributed to environmental damage and I knew about factory conditions in the countries that make our clothing most cheaply.  Anyone who has picked up a t-shirt in the last five years has noticed textile quality dropping sharply.

I also knew that my older clothing, and the clothing that I had made myself, from high-quality materials, felt distinctly different from clothing I’d purchased from big-box stores or made from cheap fabrics.  I thought that was all about quality… certainly it doesn’t take a wizard to tell you that a long-staple cotton from Italy is going to be nicer than a quilting cotton from China.  Eesh.  The dye job on the latter can give you that information.

But is it more than that?

So I decided to do a bit of research on my own – are we really wearing things that are bad for us?  For our children?



Click to access ToxicThreads01.pdf

It looks like it well may be.

Just one more reason to choose your clothing carefully.  Avoid polyester as much as possible.  Choose undyed cotton or linen to wear against your skin.  Wear high-quality fabrics from countries with better records in regards to pollution and toxicity.

Not an easy task, not in the least.  How can we do this?  Good cloth is expensive (and always has been).  I think it comes back to returning to the clothing ethos of our foremothers, where a few good things were kept nice.  It won’t be an easy transition, not for any of us.

Sometimes, the old ways are best.


Pinterest Hair

I tried the following hairstyle via pinterest today…


But when I got to the source site, I noticed that it was intended for thick hair.  I might have long hair – but it’s not thick.

Well enough, I gave it a go anyway.

Does it look like the picture above?  No.  My braids wouldn’t fluff out at all, and therefore the whole “airy” look just didn’t happen.

Does it look nice?  Yes.

It’s worth giving a try to any hairstyle you like – it’s also worth knowing that if you’re going against your hair texture, it’s not going to come out like the picture (and might not even if it is the same, because you’re not a professional).

Try new things – but don’t get attached to the unknown.


Online Bra Shopping

I’ve always been skeptical of online bra shopping – considering how much work I do in real dressing rooms to find a well-fitting bra, I don’t expect to find anything good online.  The whole, “mail it back if it doesn’t work” business doesn’t appeal to me.  (I’m not sure why, it’s less of a pain than driving to my nearest high-end lingerie shop).

I saw the ads for ThirdLove and on a whim decided to give it a whirl.  Followed the instructions, and yes – the bra I got fits very nicely, and is very comfortable.  It’s a great everyday, t-shirt bra.   I will probably get at least one more – comfort and invisibility rule.

But the serious uplift I’m used to from what my husband refers to as the British Battle Bras wasn’t quite there.   And it’s *so* soft, and *so* comfy… it feels properly broken in.  So I’m not sure how long it’s going to last.  It was $68… I want it to last.  (Of course the BBBs aren’t nearly as comfy).

I’m not quite sure why we’re dividing up into comfy bras and gorgeous bras again – can’t we do both?  I don’t understand the push for hot pink and green lingerie, at least not as the norm.  People who are buying these must live in much colder climates than mine – most of my clothing has at least some translucency to it.

I’m not normally a reviewer-of-items, but in this case I wanted to let you know that the bra in question is *just* as comfy as the ads say it is.  (Full coverage t-shirt bra, with the padded straps).


New year, new you?

I’d like to challenge that concept.  Instead of a “new” you – how about finding the woman you are inside and bringing her to the forefront?  As a journey, this offers fascinating discoveries.  As a resolution, you’re more likely to stick with dressing like the woman you are than a woman you are not.

If you haven’t picked up my e-book, “Wardrobe Communication:  Mastering the Art of Personal Expression”, I urge you to give it a read.  I spend chapters talking about this – and there are substantial appendices walking you through the process.

For me personally, the Winter is a time of introspection and reflection.   This year in particular – it’s a time of recentering, rediscovery, and drilling down on the person I am.   It is always tempting to put on the facade of the woman you think you should be – the executive, the artist, the socialite – but eventually it rings false.  When you get dressed and it’s all wrong, you don’t want to settle in and get comfy, you want to rip the costume off.

2017 could be the year you decide to show the world who you really are, and knock its socks off…

Why not give the truth a try?