Five Things

Hat tip:  Lauren Messiah What five things do you want to convey through your personal presentation? Are you conveying those things, or something else? It’s an excellent exercise – writing down those five words.   And the second part of that exercise – being honest about, “am I conveying this?” I know that my daily … More Five Things

Pinterest Hair

I tried the following hairstyle via pinterest today… But when I got to the source site, I noticed that it was intended for thick hair.  I might have long hair – but it’s not thick. Well enough, I gave it a go anyway. Does it look like the picture above?  No.  My braids wouldn’t fluff … More Pinterest Hair

Online Bra Shopping

I’ve always been skeptical of online bra shopping – considering how much work I do in real dressing rooms to find a well-fitting bra, I don’t expect to find anything good online.  The whole, “mail it back if it doesn’t work” business doesn’t appeal to me.  (I’m not sure why, it’s less of a pain … More Online Bra Shopping

New year, new you?

I’d like to challenge that concept.  Instead of a “new” you – how about finding the woman you are inside and bringing her to the forefront?  As a journey, this offers fascinating discoveries.  As a resolution, you’re more likely to stick with dressing like the woman you are than a woman you are not. If … More New year, new you?