Why use an image consultant?

Why would you utilize the services of any professional?

You utilize professional services to do things that you can’t do for yourself or choose not to do for yourself because either you don’t feel you do a good enough job, or because your time is too valuable to spend on performing that service.

You utilize an image consultant either for a once-a-decade full session where you are walked through a full wardrobe transformation and given the skills you need to upkeep your new image OR you work with an image consultant on an ongoing basis, having her take care of your needs as they appear.

Image consulting – knowing how to clean out a closet, how to select attractive clothing and bring out our natural beauty – is one of those things that most women seem to believe that they should naturally be able to do with no training or study whatsoever.   So they feel guilty about using a professional for this, whereas they feel no guilt whatsoever about having someone else do their taxes for them, or prune their trees.

Think of it this way – how much do you spend on your hair in a year?  How much do you spend on clothing that you don’t wear, or wear a few times and discard?    How much does it bother you not to be able to find anything in your closet?  How many hours do you spend in your bedroom, agonizing about what to wear – or disgusted, because once again, you just don’t have anything “right”?

What you get with me specifically?  You get someone who can’t make herself shut up when it comes time to explain why something works – or doesn’t.  You get someone who wants to educate you about fabric, drape, color, quality.  You get someone who likes to make people smile, and really enjoys the process.  You get a realist, not a fashionista who wants you to wear the latest thing – no matter what it looks like on you, or how it works with your life.

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