Closet Cleanout Sample: Kim

  • Name:  Kimdsc05069
  • Occupations:   RN.  Mom.  Wife.
  • Climate:  San Diego
  • Season:  Spring
  • Elements:  Water, Air, Earth
  • Age:  Mid 40s

Kim has two categories in her closet – work clothes when she’s really working, and clothes for the rest of her life.  I didn’t touch her work clothes, because … scrubs.  She doesn’t need me to edit a uniform.

Kim does have one work related clothing need outside of the uniform – she needs to look pulled together and professional when she attends meetings, seminars, and classes.   She doesn’t need Fire for any of those things – good nurses are reliable, sensible, and caring… not exciting.    This comes up a few times/year, usually for no more than a week at a time.

Kim socializes a fair bit with her husband’s friends – he has a very wide social circle, and loves to get together.  So she needs cute clothes to throw on and head to the movies, the park, or out for a cup of joe.

Kim needs comfy clothes that she can move in.   She doesn’t like fussy things, and she doesn’t like to show much skin.

Kim really loves soft textures, and her best look is cute and sporty.

We’ve been doing shopping for some time, in fact we just got back from a big trip about a month ago.  There was wailing and gnashing of teeth (on my part) when I found one of our shopping bags in her OFFICE, tags still on.  dsc05070

We started by emptying everything from her closet onto her bed.   After we’d sorted her closet clothes, we got into the drawers, then we hit the accessories and shoes.  I thought this would take a lot longer than it did – I was there about two hours.

Once things had been sorted out, we put them away properly – that means the sweaters that had been living on hangers were folded neatly away in the drawers, and like items ended up with like.  She had a lot of duplicates of odd bits, so when she saw all the “why do you need ten of these?” we really started tossing.

Unfortunately, she’s developed plantar fasciitis, so we got rid of nearly all her shoes – none of them will work.

Because I’m not a monster, I did let her keep truly sentimental things.  They went to live in a sentimental bag, on top of the closet in a space that’s not very useful for her 5’2″ self.  Limit your sentiment, and put it out of your way!  It’s not part of your wearable clothing, and shouldn’t take up space in your closet.

And once things were sorted and cleaned and put away neatly, we looked at what she had left and made a list for our shopping adventures.  This is what’s on her list:

  1. Jeans – she lives in jeansdsc05075
  2. Slacks – she has one nice pair that go with everything, but one pair isn’t enough
  3. Shoes
  4. Toppers/light jackets – she has a ton of heavy jackets (which she keeps in a different closet) but no light jackets.
  5. Cute and easy tops to throw on with jeans.  She has more than she thought she did, but not enough for her lifestyle.
  6. A pencil skirt

Kim’s always telling me that she doesn’t have anything to wear to those seminar events, and I pointed out that she has, in fact, several items at this time that she can wear – and they all mix and match.

dsc05074One of the fun surprises about cleaning out a closet – you *always* find things you didn’t know you had, things you didn’t know would work together.  Kim had bought a kilt and t-shirt at an Irish Fest and desperately wanted to keep them.  Sure, a kilt.  But a men’s t-shirt, in a color that doesn’t work for her?  No way!  However, I was happy to point out the two blouses *already in her closet* that she could wear with the kilt and look age-appropriate and match perfectly.  (Not to mention the oversized sweater that works beautifully for winter).

Plus, we found this hat.  It still had the tags on!  Kim tried to convince me as we were cleaning things out that she “needed” a baseball cap.  Okay, if you feel that need, fine.  But you have something cute – so we’re getting rid of the generic cap and the stained cap.  You keep the one you look adorable in.

And that’s what a closet cleanout looks like.   How much time it takes varies from person to person, but two-three hours should be a good estimate.  If you’re considering purchasing this service, you can shorten your time by going through the closet before I get there and getting rid of the stained, ill-fitting, and otherwise absolutely awful items.  If you want hints on that, buy my book and read up.

Next up, some shopping!

5 comments on “Closet Cleanout Sample: Kim

  1. Love the post, Hearth, especially as I’ve been conducting a major purge myself.

    Maybe you and Kim might want to check out Glamour Farms (glamour Farms.com) which has some really cute stuff. There’s a jacket I’m really hoping they get back in stock.

  2. Loved your closet cleanout you did. You would have a field day with my closet or even dresser. You know me jeans, t-shirts and sneakers lol. Shame I am in Florida and your in California. I will have to buy your book.

  3. Or you could just fly out. Between me, Jo, Michelle and whomever else we could round up…might be worth it!

    I really need to clean out my closet.

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