Month: November 2016

Dress the body you have

Does anyone really love the body that they have? I don’t think so.   If so, I’ve never met someone who just loved their body without quibble or something that they’d change, given the opportunity. I was putting my hair up this morning and using the double mirror in the bathroom to make sure my hair ornament went into the right spot.  Noticed, as … Read More Dress the body you have

Working with your husband’s preferences

I was out to dinner with my husband last night after spending the day stuffing Christmas cards.   I remarked to him on my being still covered with glitter, and he responded that he had just been about to compliment me on it!  I blinked, and was told that he liked the youthful whimsy attendant in a bit of sparkle, but no credit ’cause … Read More Working with your husband’s preferences

Bra Sizing

Yesterday I was shopping with my 12yo daughter, and giving her bra instruction, which is what my mom did with me when we went bra shopping.  When we came out of the dressing rooms, a lady asked me if I was the one she’d heard talking, and was bummed that I didn’t work there.  So I helped her find a bra that fit while … Read More Bra Sizing

Why use an image consultant?

Why would you utilize the services of any professional? You utilize professional services to do things that you can’t do for yourself or choose not to do for yourself because either you don’t feel you do a good enough job, or because your time is too valuable to spend on performing that service. You utilize an image consultant either for a once-a-decade full session … Read More Why use an image consultant?

Closet Cleanout Sample: Kim

Name:  Kim Occupations:   RN.  Mom.  Wife. Climate:  San Diego Season:  Spring Elements:  Water, Air, Earth Age:  Mid 40s Kim has two categories in her closet – work clothes when she’s really working, and clothes for the rest of her life.  I didn’t touch her work clothes, because … scrubs.  She doesn’t need me to edit a uniform. Kim does have one work related … Read More Closet Cleanout Sample: Kim