Scars and Serenity

This is good advice anytime, and it pertains to beauty.  As we age, every one of us collects scars and every one of our bodies changes and ages in ways that distress us.  What do we do about those things?

  1. Figure out if it really bothers you.
  2. Figure out if it can be changed.
  3. If it can’t be changed, can it be hidden?
  4. How difficult/uncomfortable is it to hide?
  5. Learn to live with it.

I have large, dark, deep scars on the top of my right foot.  They can’t be changed.  They can only be hidden by socks or boots.  Finding boots that fit is nearly impossible.  I don’t wear socks very often.   I just live with it.   Does it bother me?   When I think of how cute my feet were before the scars happened, yes.  Otherwise, not really.  They’ve been there a while now – time leads to acceptance.

I have bags under my eyes that discolor when my allergies act up.  They can’t be changed, when they show up, they’re there.  They’ve only started popping up in the last five years, and they bother me a lot.  So, when they’re here, I am more likely to wear foundation and/or concealer.   The fix is very little different than my regular routine, and it’s easy to deal with.

I’m heavier than I want to be.  I work out at the gym – a lot.  I am working to improve my health, but change is glacially slow.  I dress the body I have right now – and obviously, I use tricks to focus the eye away from problem areas.  So – I both hide and work to fix, while accepting where I am right now.

Fix what you can.  Accept what you can’t.  Get on with life and remember that your sunny attitude is more important to people’s perception of you than any mark.

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