Month: October 2016

Don’t be afraid to be beautiful

One of the biggest blocks to style is the fear of being too stylish, too beautiful, too seen. A lot of us just want to be pretty “enough”.   Enough to be thought well of, enough to fit in, enough to feel confident in our skins.   And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially in certain situations.   A wrist dripping with bangles is … Read More Don’t be afraid to be beautiful

Developing Personal Style

Details.  The devil’s in the details. That extra half inch, to quote Victoria Beckham – it’s that that makes the difference between run of the mill and amazing. But how do you figure it out?   If I cut my hair in Beckham’s wedge, I’d look like an alien, not at all like myself.  You don’t want to go big or go home until … Read More Developing Personal Style

Why does the Orthopedist Hate Style?

One of the things that sets me apart from most image consultants is that I’m not automatically going to recommend a 3″ heel for every woman.  Now, it’s not that 3″ heels aren’t amazing – they are.  But not every woman can wear them, or wants to. What happens when you hie yourself off to the orthopedist because you have something wrong with your … Read More Why does the Orthopedist Hate Style?

Scars and Serenity

This is good advice anytime, and it pertains to beauty.  As we age, every one of us collects scars and every one of our bodies changes and ages in ways that distress us.  What do we do about those things? Figure out if it really bothers you. Figure out if it can be changed. If it can’t be changed, can it be hidden? How difficult/uncomfortable … Read More Scars and Serenity