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Have you ever had an outfit planned in your head and everything came together… except you didn’t have the perfect bit of jewelry, belt or scarf to pull it together?  This sort of wardrobe emergency happens just as often as not having the right pair of dark pants – perhaps more often, or more tragically, because it’s the accessory that will elevate the outfit from basic to beautiful.

Accessory shopping seems like it is ever-available, after all, even Target has a substantial scarf selection.  However, the really great finds can be a bit harder to come by – at least if you don’t have the budget for high-end jewels.

Make a list.  Make a list just as you do for those wardrobe items that you’ve been hoping to add but haven’t found yet.  Keep the list on you, in your purse… and if you’re going somewhere you know that great accessories hide, review it before you leave.   It’s something of a rule of thumb that the item you’re missing when you’re getting dressed is an item you don’t think of when you’re browsing the racks.

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt to have an anti-list, a list of items you’re just not allowed to bring home, because you already have a dozen.

This would come in handy … if, for example, I had a client whose color was oxblood, I’d tell her to get that list out.  Not every year is an oxblood year, and it’s a wonderful, vibrant, take-no-prisoners color.  Does she need a scarf or a purse or a belt?   She’ll be able to find something quality this year.

Your core list of accessories should be as well planned out as the core of your wardrobe.  Past that, beautiful abandon is always a delight… but remember those moments of, “if I just had a narrow belt…” to keep you (and your budget) focused.

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