Month: September 2016

Client Outfit Sample: Nurse to Seminar

K is a nurse.  She often needs to go to meetings at work, and seminars to keep up her professional education.   She doesn’t need to wear a suit or office clothes, she does need to look like who she is – someone with 25 years in the field.  She’s very capable at her job, if entirely uninterested in office politics or getting ahead. She … Read More Client Outfit Sample: Nurse to Seminar

Proportion is everything

I am fortunate to have the best BFF in the world… and fortunately for you, my BFF and I are the same height are the same age are within 5lb of the same weight wear the same size clothing look good in exactly the same colors We’re taking as many variables out of this figure analysis as we can, and hopefully this will help … Read More Proportion is everything

Fashion vs. Style: Why things are so boring

I’m going to quote a line from my book here… Fashion is an art form whose nature is to grasp the emotions of the moment and express them in the form of clothing.   Used properly, one says, “there is a fashion for hats made out of silly string”.   Fashion for the masses is generally translated into less artistic forms – but it is still … Read More Fashion vs. Style: Why things are so boring

Why swatches?

Why do I use swatches in my color consultation work? Not everyone can see color equally easily. Color names are variable and unhelpful when identifying specific shades – Chinese blue, for instance, is also known as hot turquoise. It’s easy to forget which shades you look best in. It’s easy to forget how well your best colors work with one another, and why you … Read More Why swatches?

Wardrobe Lists – Accessories

Have you ever had an outfit planned in your head and everything came together… except you didn’t have the perfect bit of jewelry, belt or scarf to pull it together?  This sort of wardrobe emergency happens just as often as not having the right pair of dark pants – perhaps more often, or more tragically, because it’s the accessory that will elevate the outfit … Read More Wardrobe Lists – Accessories

Whatever happened to Public Beauty?

I often watch historical documentaries, and have noted that in both WWI and WWII, women were asked to beautify themselves for the purposes of public morale, and more specifically, the morale of soldiers on leave. When did we lose the concept that we contribute to the overall beauty (or ugliness) of the landscape?   Is it too prideful for this generation, or does it … Read More Whatever happened to Public Beauty?

The Devil’s in the Details

When you live in a world where everyone is wearing whatever they want… and whatever they want is usually some variant of “t-shirt and jeans”, what’s the difference between the mom at Target and the fashionista? Details. Detail includes fit and texture and drape and fabric quality… and detail includes accessories. Can I encourage you to dial your accessory game up a few notches? … Read More The Devil’s in the Details