Personal Brand Extends Past the Physical

One’s personal brand (your image) extends to more than just the physical.  I’ve been watching youtube videos by other image consultants, and enjoying the energy.   But something’s been bugging me… they’re all slanging their language up to no end.  Why it bugs me is that I know that I do it too – I use the slang for emphasis, and to appear less threatening.  (I think all stylists unconsciously mimic Edna Mode just a bit…)

So my next personal project is going to be sitting in front of the video camera, refining how I do public speaking – I don’t have the face or figure to go with slang, and I’m a good decade too old.  It’s not really working for the people younger than I am, it’s going to be absolutely awful if I do it.

Question to ask yourself, dear reader… does your manner of speaking and personal presentation match the person you are inside?

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