Fall/Winter Style Item: Velvet Blazer

If you, like me, tend towards romantic styles, you might want to put your nose to the ground, because velvet is hot-hot-hot this fall/winter.  Now, velvet is normally a fall/winter textile, but this year specifically velvet suits are in.

How wearable is a velvet pantsuit?  Not very.  I mean, if you’re long, lean, and leggy, and you go to a lot of black-tie events for the artistic clique, or if you’re in a rock band, then you’re in like Flynn.  Otherwise?  No.

However, a velvet blazer is a semi-classic item that bops in and out of fashion fairly regularly.   So, if you’re into the whole velvet suit thing, a blazer is to be preferred.

(Current blazer style notes:  We’re heading back to more classic cuts and lines, so although I love a peplum more than the next girl, don’t invest.  You want a slightly nipped waist if you need the shaping, and a straighter tuxedo cut if you do not).

What would I wear a velvet blazer with?

  • Most of my dresses (fabric weight would rule out matching more than anything)
  • Denim (with bite, nothing too sweet, this should be a boho look)
  • Dress pants (okay, I wouldn’t, but YOU could pair these items beautifully)

A dressy blazer is something that can make-or-break an outfit, especially for those of us in the over-35 set.  It offers structure and interest, and I’m hoping to get something of a collection going…. this is one of those items you throw over “just anything” and walk out fabulous.   Even if velvet isn’t your cup of tea, look into some fierce topper action for your own closet – it will thank you.

Caveat:  Velvet is NOT an all-season fabric, even if you live in Alaska.  Its season stops around Valentine’s day.  So this is a garment you’d have cleaned and put away for your next cold season.  That means it could last for a decade, easily… this is not an item to buy in a trendy cut.  It dresses everything up, and tends to be something of an evening fabric… or at least afternoon.  Buy with your eyes toward fierceness.

So – I’m going to have my eyes open.  What does that mean, exactly?

  1. It’s August.  A velvet blazer won’t be wearable in my area until November, at the earliest.  I can take my time.
  2. I will shop online, and try similar garments and watch for sales and deals.  I can set a budget for what I’m willing to pay.
  3. When I find The One, I can pounce, with no second thoughts.

The more planning and forethought you can put into anything, the more success you’re likely to have.  Shopping for clothing and creating a wardrobe are no exception.

So, what are YOU looking forward to, from this season’s must-have items?

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