Boho Errands

DSC04840Who:  Me

What:  Errand Running, Chores, Entertaining

Where:  Grocery Store, Vet, Pet Store, Home   (SoCal)

When:  Mid-August, 2016

Weather:  Mid-70s

I love a good boho outfit.  I don’t have the leggy figure usually associated with the boho style.   However, I can use the lines that look best on my figure (long, A-line skirts, defined waist) and still achieve a boho look with the correct use of fabrics, textures, print and detail.

For errand running, I added small accessories (dangle earrings, stone bracelet).  To tidy up and prepare dinner for my best friend, I removed the accessories and added an apron.  To entertain, I removed the apron and added bold jewelry.

And all day, I was cool and comfortable (lightweight cottons, skirt away from the body), well able to move and do everything that I needed to do, and I looked pulled-together and very much like myself.  And I am conveying what I want to convey – that I am friendly, cheerful, and competent.


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