It’s very simple to work with a bit of proportion play and see where you’re off.  All you need is a couple of selfies and the most basic of graphics programs.   In the first picture, I tried to figure out what was wrong… so I played a bit with the graphics program, lowering my … More Proportions

Happy Things

Things-that-bring-you-joy should play a large part in your wardrobe, but some days you just need the boost of your very happiest-making piece. This is my energy-booster, it’s a belt/bandolier/necklace that my mom got in Turkey. Accessories are some of the best ways to wear the things that make a difference in your mood.  The bracelet … More Happy Things

Boho Errands

Who:  Me What:  Errand Running, Chores, Entertaining Where:  Grocery Store, Vet, Pet Store, Home   (SoCal) When:  Mid-August, 2016 Weather:  Mid-70s I love a good boho outfit.  I don’t have the leggy figure usually associated with the boho style.   However, I can use the lines that look best on my figure (long, A-line skirts, … More Boho Errands