Month: August 2016


It’s very simple to work with a bit of proportion play and see where you’re off.  All you need is a couple of selfies and the most basic of graphics programs.   In the first picture, I tried to figure out what was wrong… so I played a bit with the graphics program, lowering my hemline, changing the yoke to a waistband (more defined), … Read More Proportions

Happy Things

Things-that-bring-you-joy should play a large part in your wardrobe, but some days you just need the boost of your very happiest-making piece. This is my energy-booster, it’s a belt/bandolier/necklace that my mom got in Turkey. Accessories are some of the best ways to wear the things that make a difference in your mood.  The bracelet that increases your sense of security, the earrings that … Read More Happy Things

Personal Brand Extends Past the Physical

One’s personal brand (your image) extends to more than just the physical.  I’ve been watching youtube videos by other image consultants, and enjoying the energy.   But something’s been bugging me… they’re all slanging their language up to no end.  Why it bugs me is that I know that I do it too – I use the slang for emphasis, and to appear less … Read More Personal Brand Extends Past the Physical

Grand Opening Sale

All services 25% off! Want an even more amazing deal?  Speak to me about putting your journey up on the website for some serious discounts.

Multicolored Hair (a short rant)

Here at Hearthrose Image Consulting, I’m all about helping you make exactly the statement you want to make to the world at large.  Nonhuman hair coloring on humans past age 25 is a sign of extreme whimsy, so I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who isn’t working as an artist of some kind. That said, I don’t understand why most school dress codes don’t allow … Read More Multicolored Hair (a short rant)

Fall/Winter Style Item: Velvet Blazer

If you, like me, tend towards romantic styles, you might want to put your nose to the ground, because velvet is hot-hot-hot this fall/winter.  Now, velvet is normally a fall/winter textile, but this year specifically velvet suits are in. How wearable is a velvet pantsuit?  Not very.  I mean, if you’re long, lean, and leggy, and you go to a lot of black-tie events … Read More Fall/Winter Style Item: Velvet Blazer

Adjusting to Expectations

A reader wrote in asking me to explain how to adjust your grooming to the expectations of the culture around you, regardless of if the culture is a nationality or a subculture like goths. This subject is very complicated and individual.  On one hand, can it be done?  Absolutely.  But it so rarely *is* done.  The longer the culture (or subculture) has been around, … Read More Adjusting to Expectations