Beauty Pays

You know this.  But did you know how much beauty you can control?


The study says that, for women, grooming is a huge part of “beauty”… meaning that better grooming equates with better pay.   Guess who controls your grooming?  That’s right – you!

But don’t overdo.  Your makeup is meant to make you look better, not to make you look like you’re wearing makeup.  *

Bobbi Brown has a great Instagram campaign going at the moment called, “Be Who You Are” – a perfect example of natural + polished looks, great for most occasions.  (Might want to sharpen the details a tad for work).  https://www.instagram.com/bobbibrown/

Beauty-as-status is (and always has been) highly controllable.  This is an area of study that has been neglected by masses of women lately, so it’s a very simple way for you to upgrade your status and improve how you’re treated – you might be the only one in your office who knows the truth.

Use that knowledge!


*Exceptions – when you’re out for a night at the club, when you’re at a party, when you’re in costume…  have some fun, break out the glitter.  But not at work.  And, as always, unless you’re ready to own it, not at the school pick-up line either.

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