Pantone Fall 2016 Predictions


It’s been a good year for those who wear the Summer palette, and it will continue into Fall.  Usually September brings us endless Autumn colors * but this year, we’re keeping soft blues (Riverside, Airy Blue) and a medium cool grey (Sharkskin) that truly suit the Summer wearer.

Instead of the panorama of warm greens and muted purples that the back to school season generally produces, the Autumn appropriate colors this year are a little more fiesty.   Potter’s Clay, Spicy Mustard, and Aurora Red are – unless you’re a real door kicker – colors best kept to blouses and accessories.  But what a year to add interest!  If I were someone in love with those rusty reds and muted yellows, I’d be scavenging scarves and blouses in a big way.

This Fall’s big neutral, warm taupe, can be cheerfully armwrestled between the Summers and Autumns.  Depending on the maker and the fabric, it can go either way.  If you need a soft neutral in your wardrobe, give it a try.   This light neutral is great for leather goods – heels, belts, bags – because it can be used with most of the colors from either palette.  Being that it’s a light-medium color, it will bring a more relaxed, summery/springy vibe to most outfits.

Lush Meadow is another one of those colors whose maker and fabric are going to determine the season.  Winters, Springs and Summers are all advised to keep their minds (and eyes) open.  LM is too clear and bright for Autumns.  If this color suits, it would make an amazing blazer or blouse – something to dial the fun up to 10.

Bodacious is pretty close to Radiant Orchid, which was Pantone’s color of the year for 2014.  Bodacious is a bit warmer, and a bit more obviously a Spring color.  If this is a color you hold dear, please remember that this is a good year to get those scarves and blouses… orchid is not a color that comes back around often.

The point of this color analysis is to clue you in on what colors are coming in so that if one of those colors is terrific on you, you remember that this is a season to put a bit more money in your clothing allowance and pick up some pieces that will last you.  I’ll never forget the mid-nineties, which is when I started work and it seemed like someone ran through and confiscated all the bright colors that the late eighties had left behind.   There were years I’d have about a month of shopping my colors before they disappeared again.

Pantone’s colors aren’t used by every designer, but they do inform the mood and overall outlook.   Again, this is to give you a heads up, if you’re in need of certain pieces or have been waiting for a particular color to come ’round, this is information worth having.


*quick shopping note – your best time to grab clothes in your seasonal color is generally in your season.  This is especially true in years where your colors aren’t in.

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