Book Review: Dreaming of Dior

Author:  Charlotte Smith

If you need a pick-me-up book of vignettes… find this at your library or book shop.  It’s just LOVELY.

Format:  One page of vignette (occasionally no more than a paragraph) and a matching sketch of a dress.

Concept:  The stories behind a large collection of vintage clothing collected by the author’s godmother.  Eras from the turn of the century (the *last* century) through the late 80s.

Result:  Charming!  Upbeat!

It’s no novel, and reading it straight through (which I am doing) is a bit choppy, but oh.  And now I want a closet-full of couture.  😀  Well, that’s not news.

Subtitle really ought to be, “The Power of a Dress”.

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