Month: July 2016

Clothing Communication 1: Acceptance

The first thing to work on when you’re learning to speak with your wardrobe is simply accepting that getting dressed is an act of communication with anyone who can see you.   For actresses, this is understood, for the rest of us, this is uncomfortable. And so it is to film that I shall send you – or TV, as you like – to watch … Read More Clothing Communication 1: Acceptance

Beauty Pays

You know this.  But did you know how much beauty you can control? The study says that, for women, grooming is a huge part of “beauty”… meaning that better grooming equates with better pay.   Guess who controls your grooming?  That’s right – you! But don’t overdo.  Your makeup is meant to make you look better, not to make you look like you’re … Read More Beauty Pays

Pantone Fall 2016 Predictions It’s been a good year for those who wear the Summer palette, and it will continue into Fall.  Usually September brings us endless Autumn colors * but this year, we’re keeping soft blues (Riverside, Airy Blue) and a medium cool grey (Sharkskin) that truly suit the Summer wearer. Instead of the panorama of warm greens and muted purples that the back to school season … Read More Pantone Fall 2016 Predictions

Humans judge on appearance

It irritates me when we needlessly replicate social science studies – especially when we do so on the backs of children.  This popped up on my FB feed this weekend. The idea is to expose how horribly lookist that we are, in order to shame us into acting differently. I’m all for treating people well, regardless of their appearance – it’s part of … Read More Humans judge on appearance

Overlooked at work?

If you feel like you’re being overlooked at work, the very first question you need to ask yourself is, “am I doing good work?”  The second question is, “what message are my nonverbal signals giving?”  If you think that second question is unfair – so what?  It’s real.  Humans evaluate other humans non-verbally, and that evaluation is almost invariably subconscious.  I’m going to help … Read More Overlooked at work?

Admire, don’t acquire

Susan walks in the room, all long legs and raven hair, in an LBD and delicate jewelry, all eyes on her – including yours.  You’re feeling a little blah in your dress, it’s definitely not getting the attention that Susan’s is.   You compare yourself to Susan, and the next day run out to buy the same dress, the same shoes, the same jewelry… but somehow that … Read More Admire, don’t acquire


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