Month: June 2016

The Other Senses

Most of the focus of a fashion and sewing blog is visual. But sight is not the only sense by which we are perceived, particularly by our husbands. Today I’d like to consider the other senses:  Touch, Smell, Taste, and Sound. Touch:  The texture of your clothing, your skin and your hair is of primary importance in the overall loveliness of your presentation.  Even if you … Read More The Other Senses

Vintage without Whimsy

How do you wear clothing made from 60yo patterns without looking like your clothing is antique? – Accessories.  This is the biggest thing.  If you wear a pillbox hat or a fascinator, gloves, stockings, red lipstick and kitten heels, you’re going to look vintage in blue jeans.  Accessories set the mood of an outfit.  So – pick modern accessories, a modern aesthetic. – Fabric. … Read More Vintage without Whimsy

Book Review: Fear and Clothing On the first chapter, I thought I was going to really enjoy this book… but it ended up being too snark-tastic to appreciate.  If one imagined Kitchen Confidential as a fashion travelogue, this is what you’d get.   Lots of swearing, loads of contempt. It started out well, as the author described her upbringing and fashion consciousness in SF in the 70s.  Honest … Read More Book Review: Fear and Clothing

Buy Beautiful Things!

Let me exhort you to buy truly beautiful things.   When you find them, get them.  Not cheap flash, but items that satisfy the woman deep within. Where, you ask, would I find these things? Most of the time, you’ll find them sold by craftspeople and artists.   Sometimes in boutiques, occasionally in high-end stores, but most often at street fairs, and on online … Read More Buy Beautiful Things!

Classic Clothes

Fashion goes back and forth in the details, but since the mid-seventies, this is what consists of a classic woman’s work wardrobe: Skirt, knee length, straightish. Blouse, plain neck (shell) Shirt, buttondown Blazer, mid-hip length Slacks, not tight We’re coming to one of those fashion seasons when the silhouette is about to undergo a drastic change, so I recommend that if you work and you’re … Read More Classic Clothes

Book Review: The French Beauty Solution

The French Beauty Solution:  Time Tested Secrets to Look and Feel Beautiful Inside and Out by Mathilde Thomas (of Caudalie skin care). I enjoyed skimming this book, and it inspired a spa night and a cotton ball full of perfume in my purse. Good stuff The philosophy of beauty as something we inhabit throughout our lifetimes, not something reserved for youth alone Makeup tips … Read More Book Review: The French Beauty Solution

Trend Predictions: Summer/Fall 2016

We are seeing a transition in mood, which is more important than fashion qua fashion – fashions change frequently, moods do not.   Androgyny is in.  Ultra-femininity is out.  Practically, this means that you should skip investment in suits that include peplums.  Go for a more classic blazer look, with a narrower collar than you might have chosen 2 years ago.  Virtually all the … Read More Trend Predictions: Summer/Fall 2016